RouteXL – Drive time analysis and optimised routing in Excel

RouteXL is an add in to SpatialXL ( that provides abilities to calculate drive times and distances between points, calculate drive time and distance polygons about points and perform bulk routing exercises.

RouteXL has an additional feature to do bulk routing for transportation scheduling.

In detail RouteXL provides the following features:

  1. Point to point drive time and distance calculations
  2. Drive time/distance polygon creation
  3. Matrix routing; calculating drive times and distances between all points in a set. The algorithm is optimised to perform 100’s of thousands of routes.
  4. Round robin route optimisation
  5. Bulk routing: Given a series of records with from and to points, calculate drive time and distance for each record. Can handle 100’s of thousands of records.
  6. Set to set routing: Compute max, min, average or sum of drive times and distances for each point in one set to all in the other. This feature allows segregation of collection points to closest or nearest depot etcetera. Also handles 100’s of thousands of points
  7. Calculate total road network distance and drive time in a set of polygons. Used for scenarios where the total road network needs to be covered as for example in refuse collection from all households etcetera.
  8. Transportation Scheduling: Given a set of depots, and a set of collection/dropoff points associated with each depot and an optional drop off site associated with each depot, calculate all the routes optimally for the collection/drop off and assign them optimally to fit in the given shift time. This operation can work on 10’s of thousands of points,
  9. Build a routing network from shape file or database data. This is an advanced feature that we use mostly to build the supplied routing network data.